Narrative Essay On Dead Men Anthropology

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It all started when Pepper dug what at first looked to be an ordinary dog bone, but when I took the bone from his tightly clenched jaw I found that it was not a dog bone but was instead the humerus bone from a human. I first started by looking at the crime scene around to see if there was evidence to help me better explain what I had, when I reported it to the police. I was in luck, there was an oar that would go with a boat lying near the place in which Pepper dug up the bone, this oar was covered in blood which led me to believe that the person was killed with this oar, there was a nearby lake which is where I went to investigate next. There along the shore Pepper sniffed out more bones and the skull which would be very helpful in figuring out who this person was. After I reported the…show more content…
Based on the roundness of the chin and forehead and the shorter collarbone I was able to determine that the person was a female. By this time the police had gotten back to me and told me that there are many missing person’s files in Miami, which would make it nearly impossible to figure out who this person was. I then told them that I had figured out the gender of the person, so they went back and looked through the files again. Then I recalled that in “Dead Men Talking” the great Billy Bass had stated that looking at how arthritic the bones were could help you figure out the age of the person. I decided that I would do this step next because knowing both the gender and the age of the person would be a great way to help find who they may have been. I looked at the bones and decided that this person was probably in their late 20s to early 30s as the bones were not arthritic at all, I also determined the person was very fit as the bones were very strong and limber. While figuring out the age I noticed a healed break on the ankle of this female, I also noticed that while this female might have been fit, she didn’t take very good care of her teeth which led her to have false

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