Narrative Essay On Ellis Island

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I was cleaning out an old basement when I found an old envelope. I opened it up and it stated “Ellis island passage” I began to read it. dear, reader Every day in Hamburg Germany is the same, the screaming civilians full of anger and my horrid father always telling me to leave and, grow up. I always wanted an escape from this dreadful place and go somewhere like the gateway to heaven as my uncle calls it. He said its where people go and become Americans and live in in America. Supposedly it is a place where you have all the freedom and liberty you could ever ask for. I had asked a few people about what it cost, it wasn 't very pleasant especially for a poor girl like me. $10 may not be much for some people but its a lot to me.…show more content…
I asked him what happens if you are ill? He replied with an unfortunate frown and said, “ they send you home” I began to feel a little sick to my stomach and teared up, I didn 't want to go to Germany I wanted America to be my new home. I began to feel nervous as a worker approached me and asked for my name ' I began to feel week to my knees as said, “Jana Baasher.” he pointed me to this room and it stated “baggage room”i entered and out my single bag with 2 outfits and an old picture of my mom and I told them if anything happened to that bag they would be better off dead but, apparently its a crime to threaten people so they sent me to basically a court house inside Ellis island. This was the biggest room id ever seen in my life. I sat down and The judge yelled at me to stand back up. He told me that he should send me right back to Germany and I would have to stay there without second chances. I started bursting in to tears hoping he would feel a little sympathy and have mercy for me. He took a deep breath and sighed and said,”you can finish registration but, if you ever threaten someone like that again I 'll put you under the jail. I walked out and saw a boy who said his name was Gustav Holtzer we had talked for a few minutes to see where we were from an such. He was from Germany and being charged for stealing food and clothes. I walked away and wished him luck as he entered the room. I then walked to a room people called The Great Hall, I had never seen such a big room in my life. They told me to wait over 2 hours just like getting off the ship. They had read all of my records from Germany to see if I had any criminal record. I didn 't have any in Germany but I did have the one from earlier today which scared me. They told me to go up the stairs towards the right for a six minute check up. A doctor who looked a little scary yet familiar like a man I once saw but he lived in a box, grabbed an odd tool that almost looked like a screwdriver and walked toward
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