Narrative Essay On Failing High School

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The possibility of my school enrollment being terminated hung on a point and a half. Failing a class was unacceptable in the dual enrollment program I was in that allowed me to go to college as a full-time student, while still enrolled in high school. I was preparing my explanation to give to my father as to why he would have to start driving me to my high school again before I received my final lab report grade. I glared at my score marked in dark red ink at the bottom of the page. I passed the lab. I was sure I had just done the impossible. Just then, I remembered that I could not have done it without a certain person’s assistance. As I walked to the Walter Library after class to thank my tutor, Cecilia, I thought about how great of an impact she had on my life…show more content…
I had an abundance of challenging classes, but none of them were giving me as much trouble as my physics class. As my chances of passing the class fell at the relative rate of gravity, I desperately sought help from university tutors. At first hesitant, I walked up to a freckled, red haired woman sitting at crowded table at the tutoring center and asked her in a quiet voice whether she tutored in physics. She nodded as I sat down at my first tutoring session. I surveyed the area and was rapt with how involved everyone was in discussion, sitting at tables all around us. I looked at the name tag stand next to the upperclassman tutor that read “Cecilia”. Waiting for her to finish with another student, I took it upon myself to look through the inscrutable contents of my lab I was to write about. After a few minutes, I gave her an explanation of my dire situation. She nodded and assured me that she would be willing to help me write my lab report. I began whispering my thanks until she pointed out that it was fine to use my normal talking voice, much like everyone else was. I took her advice and opened my
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