Narrative Essay On Feeding America

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We are all so lucky to have three meals a day and know we are getting enough to eat. But some people might arent able to afford enough food for their family and could really be struggling with food or money problems. Some parents aren 't able to afford lunch at school for their children. There is hunger all around the world but some of us just don 't see it or really think about it often. Which it is a sad thing to think about but we can do something about it. But there is a true story about Samantha and Cornell living in a tight budget and almost struggling to feed all three of their children.
Samantha is a school health aide with her three children and husband. Life is pretty hard for her and her husband because she works all day and they love off her salary of $22,000 per year. Her husband Cornell stays at home with the three
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Feeding America: Hunger Awareness
Feeding America was invented around the 1960’s by a man named John Van Hengel who lived in Phoenix Arizona. He really wanted to help feed people people in need so he volunteered at soup kitchens to do what he could to help. But, what really inspired him to create food banks was a women who needed to feed her children rummaging through the garbage cans of a grocery store. She then told him that there should be a place where people can donate food to save it, similar to a bank. That 's when his brilliant idea became real, food banks (Our History).
Feeding america is a national organization but they do have partners. Their partners help get even more food for people in need and has provided over 46 million people. There 's lots and lots of partners that help spread hunger awareness and help with financial support. A program i thought was interesting is The National School Lunch Program. Their program provides healthy lunches to qualified children everyday and have provides over 100,000 meals to public and private schools (Our Partners).(

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