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One of my most memorable field trips was taken in the fifth grade. We had visited COSI, which is a hands-on science center in Toledo, Ohio. Everything about the center amazed me as I was only 10 years-old. COSI is fairly large and full entertainment and fun, where ever you looked there was something happening. The first moment you walk in you are immediately welcomed by a rope strung high between two ledges on the second floor. On the rope is a bike with a student tied on riding to the opposite side. I was scared from just watching my daring peer. What I was most excited for was the gravity room; I had believed the room lacked gravity and we would float. Instead, it was just a room that had been tilted, so you would immediately feel the pull of gravity. When you first enter the room, you are dragged down to the lower end. What I had learned was that no matter what gravity will do its job and pull you back down. We tried countlessly to get to the higher end of the room, but by no surprise we were pulled back by gravity or interrupted other students. The field trip carried on to observing other science models, which included identify different types of rocks and crystals, electricity, air pressure, and enjoying their boat models. However, I cannot remember what was learned, if anything. One of the main concepts…show more content…
I do believe this field trip was educational to some degree. I was able to witness how science takes place all around us and interact with different models that I would not have experienced if I had not gone on this trip. CISO had opened the doors for my science learning, I had never been to a science center and most of my science experience came from books. This field trip does have its flaws, however, it can change a student’s attitudes towards a subject and even drive them towards

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