Narrative Essay On Fishing

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When summer time came around and people were getting excited about sleeping in, and relaxing, but for me it was fishing with my grandpa. Whose name was, Davy Adams, we used to fish for all various kinds of fish: garfish, redfish, perch any fish you could imagine. Nothing was better to me and my grandpa than sitting out under the sun throwing a fishing pole out in the water, kicking back in a chair and waiting. Growing up my grandpa would take me to do a lot of things as a child but fishing was my all-time favorite thing to do. If my grandpa and I were driving down the road and spotted a bridge with a creek or river under it we would pull over and would get out and look over the rail to see if we see any fish, if either one of us seen a fish…show more content…
That was our main spot, I was the type of kid that had fun doing anything and my grandpa always loved when I had a big ole smile on my face while fishing. Every morning of our big fishing day we would stop at the bait store down the road where they sold worms and we would get us some snacks for the day. His favorite snack was BBQ chips and mine was Doritos. We had a favorite spot we went to it was a little canal just in the mid part of Chalmette, we would get out there and get them all set up with lures and bait. After we got that done we would cast them and wait. As we were waiting I was talking to my grandpa and he said Shane you better pay attention to your pole, just as he said that I saw it start to move so I creped over there to my pole so I would not scare the fish and right when I got to my pole I seen my bobber go under so I jerked my pole and reeled it in until it got to the boat and there is was a blue gill. , I was so excited I did not care how big the fish was I was just so excited that i caught something. The rest of the day I sat back and enjoyed watching the fish play with my bobber and seeing it go under the water and catching those little fish that was one good day with my
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