Narrative Essay On Hard Work

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get a break
During my rehab in 2011-2012 I had one of the best epiphanies in my life. When I have a goal, I am often too hardworking and determined. Do not get me wrong, skills like hardworking and determination are good, but too much of the good stuff, is not healthy. If I work too hard on a training goal, I begin to regress instead of progressing, and that is also a reason, why I need a trainer. I need somebody to make my training realistic and to stop me when I get to focused on my goal.

Let me present you for my team
I have tried five different PTs over the last five years, and I found two amazing trainers, who I return to, when I am in the respective areas.

In Norway, I train with Niklas Wintherbo, who also is my co-author in this book.
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The way he supported me the first time and In general, handled the whole situation has been priceless.

At the same time it is amazing to have a trainer and friend with whom I can speak openly to about everything.

The training I have done with these two guys have changed my life and my life quality indescribably. It has been hard work, but having two amazingly skilled trainers covering my back, have made my life so much easier on so many levels.

When my body acts up, I always call my trainer first to help me out, as a result of a physiotherapist often just uses 5-15 minutes out of an hour with me, and then I am in a gym by myself, and Still, I pay a lot of money. A personal trainer helps out the whole time, and the results are remarkable.

Summary If you want a good life quality you have to train but I will promise you that the time and money is a good investment.

To keep the motivation and turn your training into a passion you need to find training forms which is fun for you or set a goal that keeps you going.

When being dyspraxic you can benefit immensely from having a personal train to help you out to speed up the results, prevent injuries and overtraining and to get a sparring partner on your

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