Narrative Essay On Hawaii Vacation

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From the 1st through the 15th of August of 2015 my family and I took a much needed vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. We went to both Oahu and Hawaii (which is often referred to as “The Big Island”). I remember I was really excited to go, who wouldn’t be? However, I was not excited to fly the better half of a day to make it to my awaiting tropical oasis. I had to get up around 4:30 in the morning to make it to my flight to San Francisco, California, where I had a five hour layover to my connecting flight to Kona, Hawaii. The flight to San Francisco alone was about five and a half hours which by itself felt like an eternity. Add a five hour layover and another five and a half hour flight and you can get a pretty accurate picture of how long the…show more content…
My brother Seann and I eventually ended up having a short conversation with a woman who was in line behind us. We simply talked about why we were going to Hawaii, where we were from, etc. Same as our flight to California, I sat away from the rest of my family for identical reasons as I did before. I ended up sitting next to a mother and her daughter and we had a pretty pleasant conversation, which helped distract me from the fact that we’d only be flying over water for the next five and a half hours. I cannot tell you the girl’s name as I do not remember it but I do remember how polite and humble she was for a girl only eight years old and it really impressed me and inspired me to be more polite like her. After what truly seemed like an eternity and a half, our plane finally began its descent to land on the beautiful island of Hawaii and there was a feeling in the air of the plane similar to that of the excitement of a young child waking up on Christmas morning and seeing all of the presents waiting to be opened under a beautifully decorate tree. After the plane landed and the passengers began getting up to leave the plane, I remember turning to the woman and her daughter saying, “It was nice meeting you and I hope you enjoy Hawaii!” and they said the same back to me. Although it did not seem like it, due to the multiple time changes I had been through
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