Narrative Essay On High School Basketball

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Shawn walked cautiously down the hall and opened the door after hearing a loud bang, boom, boom, boom! And realized what had made the loud crashing noise. He saw a car speed off as his mom laid on the concrete, covered with blood. Immediately, Shawn bust out in tears and hugs his mom, as she breathes slowly and is close to death. “Son i love you,” all of the sudden she lets go of his hand. As he looks down with blood dripping all over, he goes back inside the house as policemen is running up to the doorstep.They informed him they were transporting his mom to the hospital where she eventually died. Shawn was heartbroken but cherished the memories he and his mom had together. Shawn had to move in with is dad now that his mom had passed away.…show more content…
He had to remain focused on his grades in order to play high school basketball. During his sophomore year at Anderson High School, Shawn became better at basketball and wanted to try out for the team. He made the team and met a new friend on the basketball team, and they became really close friends. When practice started Shawn did not have adequate basketball shoes until his coach supplied him with a new pair. Shawn didn 't have the resources for new clothes and shoes, so he had got a job. He found a job working for one of his teammate’s parents cleaning and folding clothes at a dry cleaners. He used this opportunity while working at the dry cleaners to receive unwanted clothes and shoes customers never picked up or paid for. Shawn is now a successful business man with a great family. He is married to a beautiful woman with three kids, two of which play professional basketball and the other who has her own business. Shawn has shared with everyone he knows he never wanted his children to go through what he has been through and that is why he works so hard. He uses his life journey to inspire others, especially the young children he comes in contact with everyday. He started a basketball league for children to improve their skills and coaches them in his spare
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