Personal Narrative: My Life As A Homeowner

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A homeowner, college graduate, good job, no children. 27 years old meeting the man of my dreams on the internet. Within two weeks he moved in with only two grocery bags of clothing. Engaged 4 months later, married one year later only to find out he was a cheater, thief, abuser and a bigamist. Three years later, we are pregnant, homeless in a hotel and still loyal. When enough is enough I left and now after the pain, I have a better home, beautiful child, master’s degree and living in peace. My healing after the pain.

October 5, 2005, I was a homeowner, a recent college graduate, good credit, no children and a great job. I had everything but a husband. I had been online for a while dating. This time I found a man with goals, seeking a wife,
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Within two weeks he had moved into my home. When he moved in with only two grocery bags of clothing I should have known something was going on. After four months of dating on in the middle of a New Year’s Eve party at my parents’ home my dad stopped the music and gave him the microphone. He got down on one knee and popped the question every woman dreams of. “Will you marry me?” I cried and everyone was screams happy for the occasion. After the excitement I looked at the ring only to realize the ring was borrowed from my sister. At this point I was so excited it did not matter to me. I was engaged to a man who loved me. So I…show more content…
I personally don’t believe in divorce. Marriage is until death do us part. Out of the blue a friend called and asked me to look at the husband’s criminal record. I was a little upset as to why she was looking him up however, today I am so thankful to her. His criminal record showed that he was charged for a crime he committed on 10/28/2006 with Bigamy. That was our wedding date. I contacted my local county clerk’s office and was told I was not married to this man. Most women would be heart broken and sad. I felt as though God had answered my prayers. The next day I was 5 months pregnant and my husband came to my job for no reason and cut two of my tiers on my car. I knew it was time to go. I call a girlfriend and told her I was coming to stay with

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