Narrative Essay On Hunting

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For the past 5 years, my grandparents, my step cousins, my cousins, and I would take a trip to a resort, Glendorn, in Pennsylvania to hunt. We would wake up around 4:30 every morning, put on layers upon layers of clothes, and load into Jeeps with rifles in our hands, and then drive around with a guide through the trails in the woods. We would circle around the same area several times, hoping for something to reveal itself. There would be days where we would not even get to see one deer, and others where it seemed everywhere we turned had at least one deer. But throughout my experience hunting, there have been a couple questionable events that made me think about if I wanted to continue or not.

The first incident happen two years ago during
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I am in a Jeep driving around with my cousin and the guide, when I heard a gunshot in the distance. Around five minutes later the guide’s radio kicks up and we hear our step cousin had shot something. We agree to meet up with the other group, which includes my step cousin. We pulled up to their car and got out to inspect the deer she had shot. They open the trunk to reveal a small deer, which, once again, was barely old enough to shoot. But my step cousin did not seem to upset that she almost shot a fawn, instead she was gleaming and proud. I had trouble processing this, because I realized if I were in the same situation I would be freaking out. This deer was so young, it still had remnants of the light brown spots on its side, and that was the moment I decided hunting just was not for me.

I am not saying that hunting should be illegal or banned; it is just not for me. After 5 years I can say that I am happy I have had the experience of hunting with my grandparents and family. Hunting is a tradition on my mom’s side of the family, and it shapes a majority of the bond created throughout my family. But it kills me to see when animals in general are killed before they have a chance. You must give these animals some time to live in this world. Hunting is a standing tradition in many families, but people have to learn to hunt properly so they do not make mistakes and end up taking
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