Narrative Essay On Illegal Immigration

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I don 't have a story of when I illegally crossed the U.S./Mexico border because I never did. The only stories I have are of when my parents left their home country and their families, so I could be born in Atlanta, Georgia, fully documented. I can count all of the people in my family who are citizens of the United States on one hand. The rest of my family lives in fear everyday of having to go back home, and I live with the burden that they are doing this for me.

The fear that someone in my family could be deported becomes a reality when my step-father is arrested in 2010 after a car accident. I’m 11 years old when this happens, so I’m fully aware that he is not a citizen of this country and that it will be very long before I get to see him again. I remember my little sister and I sleeping in my mom’s bed every single night when he
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Since then my family is a lot more on edge when we go out and especially when driving. It feels like everywhere we go we have a secret and we have to keep ourselves invisible. I don 't think it 's fair that my parents feel like they should have to hide and I don 't. Unfortunately, es lo que es, it is what it is. While this has taken a toll on my family, it only motivates me to be great, do better, and always put in my best effort. I want the sacrifices that my parents have made to be worth it. I can do my part by doing the best that I can in my school and in my community. Up to this point, I feel like I’ve been on the right path. I have a part time job at Hollister Co., I purchase my first car when I’m 16 years old, I’m about to be my high school N.J.R.O.T.C’s Commanding Officer, and I’ve been captain of my school’s Math Team and Academic Team. So far I’ve only gotten A’s in all honors and AP classes. My mom tells me that I don’t have to take such intensive classes, but I tell her I push myself so I can get into a good school. I push myself so she can be proud of her daughter. I want her to know that her journey has not been made
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