Narrative Essay On Japanese American Internment Camps

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It's been decades since i was at the camp, but i still feel the effect to this day. I am Japanese American girl who is fed up with bad treatment because of the world war 2 and i am finally getting chance to take action. I received a call at work for me to testify on behalf the Japanese American internees. I'm living in Manhattan N.Y. And i received a call for the testimony and so now i'm preparing for it. Before i went to the testimony i stopped at a clothing store for a new shirt. I was looking all around for the right shirt to wear. I found this really pretty pink shirt and knew that was the one i should get that one. I went to go to the register to buy the shirt and the women at the register looked at me with a strange face and said “you can't buy the shirt because you're not American”. So the lady took the shirt and said i had to leave. I felt pretty bad about myself after they told me i couldn't buy the shirt. I just left the store and…show more content…
I looked at the clock and realized I was running a little late so I tried to drive as fast as I could to get there on time. I pulled into the parking lot and saw no spots open for me to park so i had to park in another parking lot across the street. I got out the car at 1:28 and had to be at the testimony at 1:30. I got out of the car and started to run to get there on time. I was running down the halls and ran into this girl and dropped all my papers on the floor. The girl i ran into looked at she and left. Everyone around also looked at me and nobody asked me if i needed help to pick themi up. So i had to pick them all up and they all got out of order and run to the testimony. I started to get really emotional and was trying to hold it all in. The testimony was about to start and i was able to tell my story and every japanese american all got 20 thousand dollars and so i started to feel better about myself and i can live a more normal life. I am visable
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