Narrative Essay On Joyful Middle School

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One decade ago there were two girls who went to Joyful Middle School. Their names were Lucy and Rachel ,and they were best friends. One day their teacher Mr. Polly assigned the class a project. They were going to bury a time capsule. Lucy did not want to bury something that belonged to her. She didn 't tell anyone, not even Rachel ,but the project wasn 't due for three weeks. She did not see the point in telling her that soon. When Rachel found out the next day, she was mad!

Lucy was dumbfounded when Rachel mentioned something to her she said she would never do anything like that. When the bus came that morning to get Lucy she was feeling a little guilty about lying to Rachel about the project. Then Rachel got on the bus and saw that Lucy
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Polly had been sitting at his desk grading papers from his other students and then Rachel stormed in! She demanded to talk to him right that second. Then he said what can I help you with and she told him all about Lucy lying. Then he called Lucy in and asked her about it and she told him that she doesn 't want to put something of hers in the ground. Mr. Polly said alright and understood but Rachel and Lucy were furious with each other!

As the girls went through the day with having to stand each other they didn 't say one word to each other. When the bus came they didn 't sit next to each other like normal. Their bus driver was surprised but also concerned. Lucy ran into her house crying her mom wondered what happened so she ran after her. She told her mom that her and Rachel had gotten into a fight and that they would be ok.

Later that night Rachel called because they were partners for the time capsule assignment and neither of them apologized. Lucy’s mom and Rachel’s mom called each other to figure out what had happened. Both the girls just said it was a minor thing and not to worry about it. Their moms didn 't agree to that statement and made them apologize to each other. When the morning came they got up and onto the bus for school. They still didn’t talk to each because their apology was
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