Narrative Essay On Lifeguard

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I felt at least five hands smack my back screaming “great job and way to go.” then the lifeguard came in and was asking what had happened and I could barely talk because I was smiling so much because I was extremely happy. When everyone stopped talking I finally told the lifeguard that a boy that could not swim very well tripped and fell into the pool, because he was messing around pretending to jump in during adult swim, so I jumped in and grabbed while he struggled to swim and was slowly drowning I pulled him to the side of the pool and lifted him over the edge and then got out of the water and everyone was waiting to congratulate me. My alarm went BEEP BEEP BEEP and I ran out of bed and grabbed some clothes, then I ran into a nice hot shower thinking whether or not I should skip breakfast. After a minute of contemplating I went with the right choice for my body and poured whatever cereal that smelled the greatest which was definitely the Oats and Honey
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