Narrative Essay On Loneliness

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It’s inevitable to at some point within your life to feel an overwhelming sense on loneliness. For some it could be a death of a loved one, breaking up with a significant other or in my case all the time for no specific reason. My life hasn’t necessarily been very carefree or even happy. From a very young age I had the symptoms of anxiety and depression. I constantly felt alone in my thoughts and the way it reflected on my behavior. I kept to myself way more than kids my age usually did. I had to learn to grow up fast due to my setting I grew up in. It didn’t really help my emotions that I was incredibly shy and absolutely despised putting myself out for people to notice.
“Maybe you wouldn’t feel all sad and alone if you tried to make new friends at school,” mumbled my Mom.
“What do you think I’m constantly trying to do?” I said with a slight attitude in my voice.
That’s all I ever heard from anybody. Through the years that statement slowly started to morph in my mind that my sadness was completely my
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No matter if it was a family memebers dog or just stopping at Mckamey with my mom on the weekends, I was ecstatic to see all the pups. I wanted all them. I knew I was gonna be one of those dog moms who could never stop getting new dogs every week. The only thing that dampered my trips to Mckamey was hearing the stern sounding “No.” that came out of my moms mouth everytime I asked to get a puppy. I don’t know what she had against the idea of this. It wasn’t even dogs in general, it was just me owning one. Begging her everyday went on for years. I was doing intensive research on the pros of dogs helping people emotionally with their depression, anxiety, even PTSD. Not a day went by that I wasn’t bombarding my mother with all these facts I was learning. It wasn’t until I went through an extremely horrific event that put me in my worst depressive episodes that genuinely thought about me getting the thing I wanted the

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