Narrative Essay On Mass Shooting

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Fear struck the community, this dark and stormy night. Things came in stages and out of nowhere. We begin our remembrance ceremony here today with broken hearts in this town in which about 3 weeks ago, this place became the site for yet again another fatal shooting. About half the community killed in a deadly mass shooting in this dome. As we stand here in this ceremony joined by victims and community with points of light shining in the darkness. In this place that this horrific scene occurred. As we hear over the loudspeakers “I don’t believe that this insane team of monsters, should have ever been able to obtain a firearm”. The ceremony ended and I get a flashback of a message that was sent to me before I knew that this war and mass shooting…show more content…
I survived. The second stage came back harder, the mass shooting was put in place. I survived. We thought it was all over but no, the third stage was the stage we thought it was all over for us. The war broke out. I survived.

We were all trapped in this dome since about 3 weeks back where the war and the attackers that barged in and flipped everything for us as a community. The war hitting was like a lightning bolt from the sky, dangerous, rare with the fact that you don’t see them often and fast when it strikes. That what happened when the war hit. Looking around at this time, homes were shattered and smashed inside out, the concrete had blood stains on it and bullet shots where the bullets missed.

The sky was grey and filled with smoke, you would walk around coughing everywhere you go. We were living in a black and white world because everything with color was destroyed and the sun doesn’t even hit this place anymore. It was like a movie scene after a war, but instead, it was happening right in front of our eyes and was flipping and destroying everything that we have worked for around here. The faces of people around me are something that shattered my mind and will always be a vision in my mind, they sprinted around the place trying not to get hit, there were tears flowing down their faces and screams that I still hear echoing in my mind as I sleep at
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