Personal Narrative: My First Time At Home

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I was walking home on a path I had never taken before that my friend Sam told me was a shortcut to my house. Before i had left i looked at a clock and to my amazement it was 3:00 A.M. I had considered sleeping over but seeing as i had been there all day and hadn’t packed a single thing to stay the night, My parents were out of town for the next 3 days so they couldn’t bring me anything and my sister was at her boyfriends and wouldn’t care what I needed, so if i wanted to stay I’d have to go home anyway. I nodded to myself with conformation as I continued down the path. I checked my phone it was 3:15. I realized I had never been in this part of Mayflower park before, it seemed more dense than it had previously been. I felt a sudden unease, then stopped and looked around “ how can a forest be this dense?” I pondered. The trees had been so close they were intertwining, only small shrubbery was what was left in the spaces. Being completely lost i turned to retrace my steps but to my surprise I saw no path only trees. I started…show more content…
I could feel something watching me. My head started to hurt when I finally relized I had stopped breathing, I gasped for air when I heard the thumping behind me, Thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump, it was getting louder. I started too bolt. The thing, whatever it was, was gaining on me,thumpthumpthumpthump. Despite my best effort I couldn’t go any faster. I got too the waiting room, the thing was right behind me. I could feel its breathe on me as I ran. I almost was at the door when “SMACK” with one misplaced step I had slipped on a newspaper and hit my head hard on the ground and passed out. I woke with start. Heavily breathing I looked around I was laying on the ground at the start of the trail. I took out my phone it was 3:15. I got up realizing it must have been a dream. I started to walk down the path, the trees started to become more
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