Narrative Essay On Mean Girls

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She stood in front of the mirror in her bathroom, naked. She stared emptily at the reflection of her body, slowly caressing her soft skin. It was a cold night, and the bathroom was even colder. Yet, her heart was the coldest of all.

“Look at her. So bouncy she made me hard.” She heard a voice from behind as she walked. She looked around to see if somebody was talking to her, but all she saw was a bunch of senior boys laughing while looking at her. What a naïve girl she was, to think they were talking about her blue and black panda keychain.

She hugged her trembling body, trying to fight away the cold air of the night. She closed her eyes, and all the bad memories started to replay in her mind.

“Damn girl, that body is something
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But some were brave enough to say it to her face.
“Hey, how much would you charge for one night?”
“Why don’t you dance for me? It’s your job as women anyway. Please me now.”

She was scared. What did she do to deserve these? Was it her fault? She tried reaching out to her girl friends. She thought they were her angels, an escape to her despair. She trusted in them, confided in them about her fears and insecurities. They expressed their concerns as well, promising to be friends forever and to protect her from the monsters she was frightened of.
Friends in need are friends indeed.
Or that’s what she initially thought. Little did she know, they’re the most horrifying monster she had ever meet.

“What did she expect us to do, like stand up for her or something? Oh come on those boys are damn hot she should feel lucky they even pay some attention to her.”
“She’s such a bitch for whining about boys when she actually enjoyed the attention they gave her.”
She heard them saying those things behind her back, but she kept quiet about it, pathetically holding on to that promise of “eternal friendship”. Eventually, those “friends” of her decided it was the time to show her a fierce
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