Narrative Essay On Mexican Culture

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The world is in constant change and social changes are necessary in order to maintain a balance within social groups and communities. I am a 46 Mexican and as Mexican I can say that Mexican culture is full of beliefs and taboos. Gender, age, social class, language and spiritual practice have influenced my life. Mexican culture is one of the cultures with a marked gender inequality. Mexican culture is full of maleness. I have faced the maleness since I was a child in an indirect way. My mother was never allowed to work during the 13 years of marriage. My father said that women have to stay home taking care of the children and house chores. It was not a problem with my mother and my siblings because women in my mother’s close social group were housewives, but after my parents got…show more content…
On the other hand, here in this country my life also has been influenced by my age. Two years ago, a job was denied because of my age. I applied for a job as receptionist in an electronic company and I fill up the application and turned in, after the lady read it she told me that the position was only for women of 30 or younger. Then I asked her why they did not post that on the newspaper announcement. My language has influenced my life since I arrived in this country. I faced the language problem when I tried to communicate with other people especially with my children’s teachers and doctors. All the time that I wanted to communicate with their teachers and doctors I have to wait for a translator. Another way that language has influenced my life was when I got my first job in McDonalds. Since the first day at work I realized that the only way to succeed in this country was learning English. I attended many schools to learn English, but I did not understand the teachers because they did not speak Spanish and I did not understand any word of English. During the process of learning English, I was promoted as casher in
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