Personal Narrative: My Elementary Field Experience

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My most recent field experience I went on was to an elementary school named Carlin Park in Angola, Indiana. I sat in on a Kindergarten classroom for 20 hours through a span of 4 weeks last spring. I really enjoyed sitting in the same classroom for that many hours because I got to know the kids as well as the teacher more than I did on my other field experiences. The environment of the classroom was awesome. It was very friendly and the teacher was great with the kids. The interactions between the kids were very respectful and friendly as well, which was really cool to see.

Carlin Park is in Steuben County which is mainly populated by white people, some Hispanics and other international citizens. In the class, there were mostly white kids,
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One day I was observing, a local dentist office brought some employees to the school to talk to the kids about how to keep their teeth clean. This was a cool experience because it seemed like most of the kids knew some of the employees that were talking that day because they were from a local dentist that some students go get their teeth cleaned. That just showed me how cool living/teaching in a small community is because working with a community business can mean some/most students being familiar with the business coming in. It was also cool sitting in and watching how the students paid attention during the presentation. I know looking back at my school days, I always loved when different people came in and talked to the class and taught us different things. I think this is important because kids, even adults sometimes tune out a parent or teacher when they tell you something and it never really clicks but when an export in a certain field tells you something, it clicks. I know that it happens to me sometimes when I do something and my mother says why didn’t you do that a while ago and I tell her that my teacher told me that it would help me. So, with the dentist office coming in, I think the kids got the importance of making sure they keep their teeth clean and this information could have been maybe said a teacher or parents but I think the students being talked to directly by an expert is more
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