Personal Narrative: A Day Before My Birthday

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In 2016, on July 21, one day before my birthday. All day I had a great time because just thinking that it was only hours before my birthday arrived.It came night and I could not even sleep , but besides bde that would be my birthday, I was more excited to know that it would be my first birthday next to my dad, and they are so eager to know what would be that important day for me next to my dad after 12 years. That day I woke up very early and so excited, because finally had arrived my great day. At the moment my father woke up, the first thing he did was look at me and say to me: "Happy birthday, my son, I love you very much" and hugged me, I was very surprised, I said 'thank you daddy I love you too' , and then he said to me: "I hope you enjoy your day and never forget that I…show more content…
"Then I took my gold palace to my favorite restaurant.When we finished eating, did you ask me where I wanted to go? I told him that since I came to the United States, I always wanted to go to an incredible pizza to play. He said, "We still have time, do you want to go?" I said "yes, if you do this, you would be my number one favorite uncle. He said: "Then let's go. When we left the incredible pizza all the tires said," It's time to get home. We headed to my house, and we hoped that my father was already in the house, even to finish my birthday at his side. When I saw that his car was not there when we got home, I felt more sad. I entered the house and went to my room, I opened the door and my surprise was that my father was there with my gift, and he said: "I love you so much and I could not forget your gift". I felt so happy, and I started to open my gift and when I saw it, it was the phone that I had asked so much, I looked at my dad and I said, "Thank you, Dad." Before I went to sleep, everything that had happened in the day, and it was definitely the first birthday next to my dad as I
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