Narrative Essay On My Grandma

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My MaMaa This is a memoir about my grandma . Who I called mamaa. I called my grandma mamaa because she was more like my mother and grandmother. My mamaa was always their for me and would never let me down and plus i was her favorite grandchild. I remeber the mornings mamaa would make hot pockets for breakfast and i also remember when i lost my taste buds because that hot pocket was just a little too hot. Those nights when we would just eat popcorn all night watching all the new movies we had bought. Sometimes we would just see who could stay up longer I would always win so one night I thought I would pour whipped cream of her face while she was sleeping. The next morning I heard her scream my name , oh boy the of sound of her voice didn 't sound as if she was happy. I got up and went to the living room where mamaa was awaiting. And I kid you not this is how I knew she was mad at me ,She shouted my full name Giovanni jesus lujano sandoval what is this on my face I ain 't say nothing so she ask me one more time so I replied I don 't know. All of the sudden she smiled I was confused. The following week it was hollween I can hear mamaalaughing she then calls me into the living room but mamma wasnt thier so I headed the kitchen in search of mama. Before I could set foot in the kitchen I heard a bang I stopped and took a step back. I was scared as called out mama 's name and no answer then I seen some rainbow color hair I was like what the hell is that. Then I seen
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