Narrative Essay On My Last Day In My Life

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One Saturday morning I went out for my regular run, a run that was actually life changing for me. I always took the same route, because it led me to a nearby Starbucks but this particular morning I decided to take another route. This route was much longer and I didn’t run the morning before so I needed the extra miles. Taking this route I ran into something I always wanted but thought I could never have. I started my run later than usual which was something I didn’t do on purpose; I just wasn’t myself for some odd reason. Everything about this day was different from my regular routine, I was two hours behind I had also forgotten my headphones. I didn’t think twice about everything that was happening I just went about my day as if everything were normal. I had to drive to the route I wanted to take because it was on the other side of town, the drive was about thirty minutes long but I didn’t mind. I arrived forgetting that I didn’t have my headphones but it was fine I needed to endure the sound of the wind and the trees. I started my run with a clear mind…show more content…
I mentioned earlier how I wasn’t the most social person and she related to me in so many ways. It’s unbelievable but she was going to a local community college getting her GED . I became more and more amazed with how within three months my life changed drastically and how I thought I was about to lose my best friend but I gained two. Jay and I have been keeping in touch she brings happy over daily, and they both help me study we also take runs together when I’m not working. One Saturday morning changed my life in the best ways because the happiness and the structure I thought I would never have I have now. To find happiness within myself all I needed to do was take a run on a weird Saturday and find a bushy eyed dog. I find this story to be the most fictional story I could tell, but I told it because it’s the happiest story I could

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