Narrative Essay On Navajo Culture

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GGrowing up on the Navajo Nation is an experience, compared to residing in a city. I grew up in Tuba City, an hour north of Flagstaff, AZ. Tuba City, a town with a population a little over 8,500, several restaurants, one grocery store, two high schools, and two stoplights. On the other hand, the town is growing. To keep myself entertained as a child, I played with the neighbor children until dark. Living in a household of fourteen people in a three-bedroom trailer were at times hectic. Since, my siblings were years older, and a older sister had her child at 15 and I was a year and 6 months old. My home was noisy, a bit crowded, and finding a location to relax was challenging. This type of living arrangement was standard on the Navajo Nation,…show more content…
During this time, it was difficult for my grandmother and relatives due to the removal from their homes and families. My maternal grandmother, parents, and relatives had resided in the area for decades and this was home to them. However, the Relocation Act endured so much pain and suffering of the residents. The Navajos had livestock and land, which is part of everyday life on the Navajo Nation. For instance, the sheep are brought down generations to generations and this was part of the Navajo traditional life. My grandmother, also, received a new home in Tuba City, and she was not keen to residing in a town. She was accustomed to living in the open, and having her pets and livestock. She was brought up in this way of life. Throughout my childhood, my siblings and I would go out her place for the summer to assist in any chores, while we spent time with cousins and relatives. We called this place “sheep camp”. To this current day, it is sad to say, many of children will not experience, “sheep camp”. Our families and relatives now reside on ½ acre lots compared to acres and acres of land that was shared among families. The half-acre lots are currently leased to them for 100 years. When this comes to mind, I think about how the 100 years will eventually

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