Narrative Essay On Playing Basketball

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It was a warm sunny day, and I woke up and wanted to go play basketball. So I got up all exited and went and took my shower, I probably took a 5 min shower. I wanted to get out of there quick so I could get playing my basketball. I got to my room and got dressed and pulled out my cool kicks, they were my basketball shoes. I got them tied on pretty tight. So I could like do some cool MJ dunks.

I got outside and my brother wanted to play with me so I let him, but first we were gonna have to pick the basketball hoop up, because last night there was a bad storm and the wind blew my basketball hoop over and I was kind of mad at first but then I didn’t care because I wanted to play basketball.

So my brother and I went to go to pick it up and I was the taller one and the older one so I was picking it up and my brother had the bottom and I was working my way up the pole and pushing it up and I couldn’t lift it up anymore because I wasn 't tall enough so I was going to drop it. I yelled at my little brother to get out of the way and he ran and got out of the way so I kind of threw it up as hard as I can I quickly drop to my knees. The basketball hoop was in the air for like 4 seconds then it came down and the rim of the basketball hoop smashed my middle finger on the tip of it.

When it hit my finger I instantly screamed because I saw my nail all crooked and blood was everywhere and my brother looked at me and said, “Are you gonna die”. I looked at him in fear and ran to the
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