Narrative Essay On Roman Daily Life

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At 44AD when I was one year old, my family moved into one of the top floor in the insulae at Rome. We only had one room and there was no sunlight and no running water, which means no bathroom (Ancient History Encyclopedia: Roman Daily Life 4). My family dreamed to live in a tabernae at Palatine Hill, and with a small pool, many bedroom, libraries, offices, kitchen, and most importantly bathroom, but only wish I had was not to be kicked out of the house we lived in and no disaster will happen (Ancient History Encyclopedia: Roman Daily Life 5). My parents always talk about their life when they lived down town, where the clean water flows and no pressure of rent, that they met each other and got married, and to earn more money our family moved in to this apartment that we had to live in fear and depress. I had beg them everyday to move back to the town and I will work for them in the field, but they always said that I have six siblings that they need to feed and told me not to be selfish. So, I simply gave up that thought. The day when I turned 18, at July 18, 64 AD, everything magically changed and my dream became true (Eyewitness to…show more content…
When we successfully got out of the city and sat down on a small hill. In a while, the hill was filled with people and they said the fire begin in the Circus, where it adjoins the Palatine and Caelian hills (Eyewitness to history: Tacitus’ account of the fire 4). The fire swept violently over the level spaces. Then it climbed the hills, but returned to ravage the lower ground again. It outstripped every counter-measure. The ancient city 's narrow winding streets and irregular blocks encouraged its progress (Eyewitness to history: Tacitus’ account of the fire 4). Nobody dared fight the flames, so it continued for six day and seven nights, and my family decided to move bake to my parent hometowns to just be a farmer (Eyewitness to history: Tacitus’ account of the fire
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