Narrative Essay About Being Sexually Abused

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Sexually abused

When I was growing up as a young child, I was sexually abused. I lived through it by never telling anyone closer to me, and eventually forgot everything that as happened to myself. While i was at the high school I was date raped, and once again I lived through it by keeping it a top secret to myself. Throughout my lifetime in high school and college, I struggled to make sure that people only saw infallibility in me. I was an Honored student, sports captain, I hang around about with the good group. But I hid myself away where no one else could see, there was this thing in me that I called shame, phobia, and guilt. I coped with these terrible feelings by running extra miles away from home, abusing drugs and alcohol, sleeping
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Unfortunately, but my depression only prolonged deeper. I continued to be hospitalized and finally I was unable to work at school at all. After my last hospitalization, I started with a professional who provides therapy. While it was quite obvious that I struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder, I was still never able to open up about any single thing that has never happened to me. After some couple of ages, my new therapist insinuated that it might be useful and helpful for me to look for an online…show more content…
With the help of this site, along with the help of my therapist, I have been able to work through much of the shame and phobia and responsibility for wrong doings. I have restored a negative coping mechanisms with a healthy ones. I have returned in working as a full-time student at the university doing what i love to do love most at the college. I still have my contentions and proceed to work on healing, but I am not alone with them anymore. The Pandy's has given me a place where I can go to and let my guard down. I can acknowledge that I am not ok. I can also talk about my strife, as well as share my testimony as I
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