Narrative Essay On Sherman's War

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“Panic hit the city with first of Sherman’s shells. Helpless and unarmed, the populace fled from the oncoming Juggernaut and desperately the gallant remnants of an army marched out to face the foe.” All of a sudden, there was some bomb sounds outside the window. All the guests in the party especially females were shocked and getting more fluster as they do not know what to do. At the same time, all the armies were getting ready for the war including him and the army at the party as well. Again, he proposed his love to Evelyn before he goes to the war yet she rejected. Suddenly, there was a girl named Amelia proposed her love to him and he accepted as he saw Evelyn was showing off her love with Bryant. During the war, he was trying all his…show more content…
He was surprised and scared because he is going to go back to the war soon after few days. Therefore, he asked his friend who was a doctor to take care of her and together with two slaves. He met Evelyn on the street and he proposed his love to her once again and she rejected me directly. He felt disappointed again and again and he decided to give up proposing his love to her. Few days later, he left home for the war and his wife gave him a clothes belt and wished him to come back safe after the war. Even though Amelia was reluctantly that her husband wills leave home for the war but he has no choice and he has to do so for the war. During the war, he was getting to know that his wife was giving birth on baby in these few days. Unfortunately, he has serious injured during the war and unable to go back home to take care of his wife. Therefore, he wrote a letter to the doctor and asked him to help his wife delivered the baby yet the doctor replied him that the situation in the town was in the bad condition as there were many victims that attacked by the Yankees. The doctor was trying his best to rescue all of the victims as he can. So, he wrote another letter to his old love, Evelyn. He asked her to help his wife to deliver the baby and stay
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