Narrative Essay On Shock Wave Therapy

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When life knocks you down to your knees the choice is up to you to pick yourself up or surrender. More often than not people tend to give up when they don’t get their way. In my case, I could not be more grateful for not getting my way. I was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis in my right shoulder. The doctors told me I would have to do physical therapy if I wanted to get back to pitching for softball. I didn’t know it at the time, but this one injury would change almost every aspect of my life. I went through months of physical therapy- working with exercise bands, shock wave therapy, and multiple treatments of dry needling to the shoulder. I had made a full recovery and was cleared to start pitching lessons again to get back out on the field. It took me six months to get back to where I was as a pitcher before the injury. It was frustrating and discouraging starting over, but I remained focused on the goal I had set for myself to get back out on the field. I had finally worked my way back to where I wanted to be, and was ready to pitch in a game. I remember the rush of joy I felt being back on the field doing what I love, however, that time was cut short. I had pitched all…show more content…
That fall I joined the cross country team and lettered varsity. Later in the spring I joined my high school’s musical, and a year later I got the lead role. These were two things I ended up loving throughout my high school career that I never would’ve had the courage to try if I had stayed in my comfort zone of playing softball. I knew I had given up a major part of who I was, but what I didn’t know was all the other new experiences and people waiting behind that door. The injury itself was a brutal ending to a big part of what I thought made me who I was. In the midst of all the chaos around me, I learned that just because one thing ends does not mean another opportunity isn’t waiting around the corner for you to

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