Slither's Tale Book Report

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Spookin’s: Slither’s Tale, written by Joseph Delaney, is fiction in the young adult genre, which is my age group, and I found myself unable to put it down. Its combination of thrilling action, trembling, an abundance of blood and gore, fighting and the slaying of beasts story kept me up until the dark hours. I was shocked at how completely fascinating the plot was. Same as Underworld, the story is set in somewhere around 18’s where most of the characters are beasts and non-human based, also borrows ideas from the English myth; the werewolf and vampire. As the book opens, a horrible county known as Valkarky, a city deep within the Arctic Circle that is filled with all types of abomination that have been created by dark magic and inhabited by…show more content…
It seems tremendously intense for anyone younger than 16 or 17. For example, there is a scene where Slither when he went to his haizda again for almost a week and plunged his teeth into the neck of his horse and drain its blood as he is extremely thirsty. I found this a little too disturbing when I considered the age of the reader. The intensity of the action was something one would fine in a more mature book, but the fantasy-based and the simplicity of the style were aimed at a much younger audience. In addition, this book was written with too many blood and gore; a disgust words that can make people sick, which I found infuriating. It was also edited somewhat off-color, but that rarely distracted from the plot. For example, the first depiction of Slither drinking blood was nauseating and there are several more which are wholly sickening. The description of the loss of the middle sister, Susan, gives far too much element, especially since by that point readers are sick to death of blood and killing. It would be better to not use the words too much, but the story was still articulately. Overall, Spook’s: Slither’s Tale was a brilliant, mesmerizing read that I highly recommend. If it was more clearly written with nice words and marked for older teens, it would have been better, but it was a bombastic book with a wonderfully
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