Narrative Essay On Spartan Life

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Every day, I woke up to the sound of men marching through the corridors. Spartan life was harsh. We were trained till we couldn’t feel our hands; trained to protect the city we live in. The horns roared around the building, woke every Spartan soldier up.
“We train today like every other day. But in the next following days, we must train as hard as we ever trained before. As we will fight an army of thousands - the Persian army.” Announced Leonidas king of Sparta. Leonidas is our king, but he is not just like any other king because he is the bravest noble Spartan that has ever lived.
As kids, we were trained hard; not just to fool around but to prepare for war. We learnt how to wrestle, fight and kill. Stealing was common in our times but,
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After countless hours of marching, we finally see the Persian army. The Persians were on ships and we were outnumbered. A storm formed above the enemy’s ships. After hours of waiting, the storm finally came and destroyed everything in sight. We began cheering at the sight we’re seeing. Roaring and laughing as the Persians fall in their hundreds. After the wreckage was over we were at work, gathering every dead body to build a wall. The foul stench of the dead was unbearable, but all this would be worth it, as the Persian would have a hard time going through this mess, so then we would have the advantage. The Persians finally came bringing in their thousands. After they came close, we then charge through the wall, the dead bodies plummeting down onto the Persians. Suffocating them as they could not breathe. We continue on with our battle, killing every Persians in sight. After 15 minutes of mayhem, we heard a loud voice exclaiming ‘shoot!’. We then looked at the sky, we couldn’t see the sun as thousands of arrows were falling right towards us. Leonidas immediately shouts ’Phalanx position’. Everyone knew exactly what to do. We put our shields above us guarding the Spartan next to us. The arrows only hit the dead Persians, as our shield protected our
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