Narrative Essay On Thanksgiving

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Robbery on Thanksgiving was flashing on the television screen eight years ago on Christmas Eve. The news reporter said “Thanksgiving night was a tragedy for one family in Fayette County. The police were called late that night and told us that several electronics, jewelry, cash, and Christmas presents were taken away from the family. The family would like to keep the situation private.” However, there is much more craziness to this story than a robbery on Thanksgiving Day.
Coming from a fairly large family, consisting of six cousins on both my mother’s and father’s sides, one would think my parents have a lot of happy and proud stories to tell. My mother’s family is very close-knit, but my father’s family lives nearby so most of their attention
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My cousins would actually nice to me when everyone was around, but it was probably because my parents were there and they were intimidated by them. My aunt, their mother, would buy me gifts every so often and would always tell me how much she adored me. Then slowly as I became older, around eight years of age, they started to their jealousy in plain sight. I was at a point in my life where I would receive gifts like a laptop and a Wii gaming system because I either could prove to my parents that I was mature enough for such gifts or that I had saved enough of my own money to buy the items. This would bring about more rich kid comments, but my parents were not rich by any stretch of the imagination, they had bills and debt like any other household.
On the contrast, my parents were family. Meaning that they were always on my side no matter what the situation. To them, family meant waiting in line for hours so that I could have a certain gift for my birthday, confronting the parents of another child who took something from me, and right or wrong always protecting me even when I was in the wrong only to teach me soon thereafter why I was wrong. Therefore, they too may have made mistakes along the way, but they always showed their love for
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