Narrative Essay On The Abandoned House

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October 1978, one house sat along the edge of the hollow forest. Legend foretells of a woman with a heart full of sorrow. With a shattered heart by her lover. She took a walk in the midst of the night through the gloomy forest. Hearing a comforting voice she follows the soothing sound until she comes to a halt, at the front door of the abandoned house. Curiosity over flowed the woman urging her to turn the cold door knob and walk through the spiderwebs trying to follow this strange voice. The door shutting behind her locked her in the house before it burned up in flame of golden fire. Her scream was heard from miles away. Now whoever goes to the ruins of that particular house shall hear the screams of all broken hearts leaving oneself with a wanting to bury…show more content…
Still being controlled by bitterness, I hiked through the hallowed forest listening for anything that could resemble a voice of the devil. Hours past and my hope of being call forth to meet him was fading. Right when I reach my turning point stopping. Eyes closed, I heard nothing but the leaves rustling in the wind. I felt the cold breeze on my face and I heard the voice, the voice i've been waiting so long to hear. Sprinting in the direction of the voice, I found myself standing in the ashes of the abandoned house staring the devil right in the eyes. His blood red eyes stared into my soul. Smirking, he asked in his deep voice “‘what do you wish for my fragile little child ?” I responded with “I want the death of the one who hurt me” The devil's eyes opened wide “ oh. i see my dear ,but you know that will cost you a lot more than earthly dollars.”in a hissing tone I say “I don't care. He ruined me, he broke me! He punished me for being a slave to love” Walking closer he gently wrapped his arms around me and whispered “ consider your wish done child; on one condition, I want what is most precious to you.” With tears of anger I weep the word
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