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A simple book that tells a story that proves humans are worth it. Written by author Markus Zusak, the book thief brings delight and tears into the ones who read the book. The main character Liesel proves words can capture the human soul into doing things unimaginable. First the narrator is not a human; instead the narrator is the personification of Death. He begins with a great fact about every human alive: Everyone is going to die, however we should not be afraid of death, instead we should feel sorry for the ones left to survive. Initially, Death tells us he first saw Liesel on a train and the place was white all over. Liesel traveled her way to her new home with her foster parents. Originally, Lisel’s brother qualified into in those…show more content…
She might be rigid and stubborn. One always thought how such people could end up together. Rosa was always grumpy and showed love in the strangest way. Putting all those things aside though, you could see through her façade. She always became annoyed for the right reasons and all she wanted was for everyone to be safe. Her food was not the best, but she cooked it with love. Forgetting about the Jew boy would be a mistake. If it wasn’t for Max, Liesel would have never realize the true ,waning of friendship. He also is the one who teaches Liesel the value of words. He shows her this by creating his own book of hope and love by painting over Hitler’s book Mein Kampf. We come to know Max as a struggler who doesn’t give up. He is a fighter. If he gets knocked down he gets back up. However, he carries great guilt on him for leaving his family. He also feels guilty for putting the Hubermann’s in danger, but one must do such sacrifices to survive and only hope it will be all over soon. The Book Thief focuses on humans. It clearly shows we are not perfect. Death is hunted by humans and all the destruction we cause. It is interesting to see life in that perspective. I loved the story and the message every character delivered. All the simple moments brought great joy, especially during those horrible times when loving was a

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