Violence According To Satrapi's The Complete Persepolis

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"The Complete Persepolis" Authors Motivation The harsh laws that are discriminatory and derogatory in a Muslim dominated society motivate Satrapi to write a memoir. The memoir shows how violence was used to propagate terrorism. They made her understand how corrupt the government was. Having lived in a world that was dominated by violence explains why she chose to write her memoir in this intriguing and fascinating novel "The Complete Persepolis." Protesters took to the streets protesting against the government, and this practically meant violence was an everyday occurrence in her lifetime. She suffered discrimination and harsh laws that were aimed at demoting the status of women in the society. Unlike in her younger years prior to 1980 when Marji lived freely and expressed herself without fear, the introduction of Islamic laws marked the beginning of the dark days in her life. The sight of violence and abuse of human rights was not…show more content…
According to Satrapi, she wrote the novel "The Complete Persepolis" to show that Iran a country just like any other belonged to fundamentalists and extremists such as terrorists. At ten years, she is forced to put on a veil when going to school. Her school, which was non-religious and owned by French was abolished, and that marked the end of boys and girls learning in the same environment. Satrapi had serious problems with the Muslim culture that confined women to be passive in matters that concerned their lives. The political environment was equally unpleasing to her, and this explains why she eventually opted to be a rebel. Her orientation of seeing a society that supported boys and frustrated girls provoked her inner being and made her begin to question the validity of those beliefs. Her turn around attitude shocked her parents, and she had no apologies for that. She eventually came out as an iron lady who could not be brought down by unjust laws and backward cultural
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