Narrative Essay On The Dark Woods

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Once upon a time, when the earth was far younger than it ever is now, there was a girl named Rosaline who lived in a small village near the Dark Woods. The Dark Woods was notoriously known to have evil fey lurking behind the leaves and shadows. The villagers never forget to warn their children from setting foot into the woods and to lock their windows and doors with cold iron the one thing which was known by men that was fatal to the fair folk to guard them off from stealing naive children from their beds and cradles. Rosaline grew up with parents warning her to never go into the woods but she was different from other children who were warned. Every time she gazed at the misty dark woods…show more content…
Everything seemed strange when the woods masked with the darkness of the night. The leaves of the trees were basked with a silver glow and the atmosphere of the night seemed colder. After minutes of walking, she reached the place where the bells were playing. Somehow she was certain of it. She was surprised and shocked seeing a large circle of toadstools at an open space in the middle of the woods. Rosaline heaved a deep breath, fighting an urge to step into the ring. She knew that it was a faerie ring. The thing that her parents warned her to never go into. Again she heard the sound of bells, this time the sound got louder than before, playing with a hypnotising beat which syncopated the rhythm of her heart thrumming under her ribcage. She could almost hear the dancing and laughter of the fey, their pointed ears and mischievous looks were alluring her to join the dance: don’t you want to join us? The bells whispered softly, caressing her soul like a kiss from a lover. Her feet carried her closer and closer and she was an inch away from stepping in when she saw him, a fey boy with blue skin and violet eyes that looked piercingly at her. He was the only one who did not have a dreamy, far-off look that the other fey
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