Narrative Essay On The Lost Memory

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The Lost Memory
Do you want to see a snake every day? Snake, a cool blood and danger animal. Which is live in dark place of forest of large grass. People love to eat the snake in my hometown. I usually saw many snake wine or dried snake in the pharmacy. I had think that I never had a chance to see an alive snake in a city until I was 10. My uncle killed one in front of me. Then I felt I lost some memory of that day. Something that is you have seen it once, you don’t want to see it again.
When I was a child, I was thin and drank. Because I was picky eaters and basking by the sun every day at noon on the way of walking to school. My parents’ friend liked to call me charcoal. I often got sick and nosebleeds, so I saw the tradition Chinese doctor maybe once for four months before I want to mid-school. In the pharmacy, there had a medicinal material flavor, but I didn’t hate that so much like the flavor of hospital disinfection water. Which I felt nauseous. In there, I could see many traditions Chinese medicine. Most medicine was vegetation, but some was other terrible things like geckos, bats, seahorses and snakes. The most terrible thing was the snake wine. I could a whole snake soaked in a big glass bottle. The head, the eyes, the strange pattern of skin, and forked tongue those were clearly visible. Although the medicine was
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I saw my uncle used a tool to catch a snake from a gunny bag, then another man caught snake head from my uncle. The snake’s body firmly wrapped around the hand of the man. The snake was struggling when the man wants to cut its head. After the snake head had cut, the man put the head to anther bag and put the body into a post. When I looked at the post, I was shocked. The body was still moving without the head! There was not simply the new one, it was more than ten. They were as alive as moving in the post. The memories were end. I forgot how I back home. I think I lost some
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