Narrative Essay On The Mighty Tiger

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The mighty tiger, was once the most beautiful animal in the whole wide world. For you see, I am the strongest and the fastest anyone had ever seen. All I lacked was intelligence. I needed this because I wanted to become the king of the jungle. This was not going to be hard to find. All I needed to do was get a man to give me his intelligence. I sneaked around a man's house, waiting for the right moment to strike. However, I saw a buffalo obeying the man and I stopped to ask the buffalo questions when the man went away. I asked him all sorts of questions, such as “Why do you bow down to him when you can easily overpower him?” and “How can I get his intelligence?” He went silent. I asked the question again, this time more firmly. “Buffalo, I, the mighty…show more content…
The Buffalo was still sitting on his throne as he watched this happen. “Stupid monkeys, I guess i'll have to deal with you myself!” The Buffalo jumped up and landed in front of me with his fists ready. “Come on, Tiger, now's your chance to prove you are the strongest animal alive, not that there are many alive anymore!” He laughed as if he had just made a funny joke. This angered me further. I slowly walked to him as the ground started rumbling. “You, Buffalo, are the real idiot here.” I said as I approached him slowly. The Buffalo stood back up, still retaining his composure. “How so, stupid Tiger.” I stopped in my tracks. “Since you cannot see, that you are already dead!” I teleported behind him as he said “What?!” I punched him so hard, he flew into the sun. This subsequently returned everything back to normal. The trees were returning back to normal, the grass was no longer dry. “This kingdom is no longer yours.” I said as I walked away from the scene of the battle. Owing to his defeat, I did not get his intelligence. His body flew into the sun and burned up. Someday, I'll get that intelligence. Someday.

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