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After a while of gruesome writing I had finished my essay, The Outsiders. I had Soda and Darry read it and they both thoroughly enjoyed it. Soda said that it captured the essence of each moment perfectly and Darry said that it made him relive the experience. (Even though that might not be the best thing) It 's been almost 2 weeks since the death of Johnny and Dally. We had their funeral down by the church at Windrixville because I knew Johnny would have liked that. The day was quite sorrow and I didn’t eat much, but, as time went on I was feeling better. I started to accept that I couldn’t see Johnny and Dally everyday and they were in a better place now. Two- Bit and Steve came by a lot more often now to give us some company and something to do. I was going back to school the next morning after missing nearly a week of school. “Goodnight.” Darry said as he turned off the lights. We started to be nicer to eachother and get along better since our argument, and I hope it stays this way. “Wake up kid you 're late.” Soda said as he was flicking the lights on and off. “Stop that!” I said as I was starting to get dressed. We had our daily breakfast which included chocolate cake and Darry dropped me off at school. It felt different from the last time…show more content…
As the years passed I felt like life was getting better and better, everything started to go my way. My first year of high school my track squad won the state championship and I joined the football team. Darry always came to my games and I could hear him on the other side of the field yelling “Go get them Pony!” I took over Darry 's spot as fullback and ended the season with over ten touchdowns. My school ethic was even better than my football and track skills. I ended up graduating as valedictorian and got a scholarship to go play college football. Even though Johnny 's death was heartbreaking it would shape me into the person I am and be the inspiration for me pushing myself to hear the words, “Ponyboy you have

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