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The Pumpkin and the Man The thick darkness surrounded me like a large blanket that my grandma gave me for christmas when I was six. If it wasn't for the terror of being chased by the man from the punkin patch, I would probably have gone into hysterical laughter at this thought. It was like a scene from a bad horror film. A young, blond, cheer captain, popular and loved by all is being chased by a middle aged, pumpkin patch worker, creep that nobody likes. It’s all because I decided to spend my fall break with my dad. One week earlier I had packed my bags and hopped in the car for another long ride to Jackson Hole, Wyoming from Virginia city Montana.The drive was three hours and twenty three minutes by car. We decided we wouldn't leave until seven o’clock. I don't know why my mom and I had to move…show more content…
Me and a couple of friends spent the day running around town. They told me about all the drama at school. We had a fun day of shopping. I even got to meet some people who moved to town since I had left. His name was Johnnie, he played most of the sport at school. He was tall, fair skinned and had short dirt blond hair with loose curls. Johnnie's eyes were ice blue like water in mid december. At the end of the night it was just me and him. He said he would walk me home as much as I wanted that I was meeting my dad at the dinner, that we always ate at when I was a kid. Instead he walked me to the dinner and said he hoped we could hang out again some time. Around ten o’clock my dad still hadn't made it to the dinner but it was closing time so I walked home. I had texted and called him around twenty times and I haven't heard anything from him. There were two ways to get home one took about an hour the other was about 30 minutes. I chose the shortest way even though it went right through the pumpkin patch. when I get to the patch the new farmer comes out of nowhere and starts chasing me. Then I get to the
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