Narrative Essay On The Virginia Road Crash

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I had to make several pickups before meeting Detroit Jeff, who then briefed me on how the California shipment was coming along. Jeff said he had heard from the guys, and they would not be back until next week. I asked if the police were investigating the hit-and-run. Nobody seemed to know anything. I left my meeting with Jeff and headed over to make a drop to some people from the 82nd.
After I had arrived, they invited me to snort a line. I took a big whiff, it burned my nose; they all started laughing their asses off and told me that it was acid and that they had already ingested some and were getting off. They said it is the weekend what else would you be doing? “Fuck you.” I needed to get out of there, so I jumped in my car drove to Tom’s house. I was starting to get off and having immense difficulty keeping my mind under control so as not to crash the car. I made it to Tom’s not long after, and told him what had
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We smoked dope all the way, and as we were late in arriving headed straight to the club. Ty had a handful of meth tabs, and we each ate five hits to get started. We spent the rest of the night hanging out with his band members and dancing until 2:00 AM. We then moved to an after-hours club and danced until dawn eating speed all night. We did stop for breakfast, but because we were so wired, couldn’t eat and spent the next few hours smoking a bong full of hash until we were ready to crash. Chris pointed out an extra bedroom, so Bonnie went in stripped off her clothes crawled into bed and passed out. Waking up at around dinner time, Bonnie and I took a shower together soaping up each other and making out before deciding to go out and party some more. After another night of speed, pot, and booze I decided to mix it up a bit by screwing for the rest of the night. We finally passed out, and it was lunchtime before we next saw daylight and began to prepare ourselves for the drive back to
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