Narrative Essay On The Yokosuka Banshee

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r/freehorrorstories The Yokosuka Banshee u/Crazymrgigabyte I was serving overseas in the military overseas in Yokosuka Japan from 2012-2014. Since my time there I was settled and been there for two years and seeing a very lovely girl named Mei. Mei, had told me she was pregnant with my child while on my deployment. I took responsibility for my actions so we started to plan During the second year of my service during the winter 6 months since mei gave me the news. My ship had been in dry dock for a year and each ship depending on how big the ship is had a handful of duty sections, a group of crew members who watched the ship and took care of it while the rest of the crew was off. So it was my sections turn to watch the ship, during our evening…show more content…
As the night progress I made my rounds every half hour and when the wee hours of the morning came around I started to doze off. I was awoken by a resident who couldn't sleep due to their neighbors crying. "If you can get that girl back in her room an keep her quite, I won't tell the supervisor that you weren't sleeping" he muttered. As if I didn't have a choice. The barracks was three floors high full of people but at this hour the silence had a certain eeriness to it. Like you could hear your own heart beat My foot steps echoed like if I was in some sort of catacomb. As I made my way upstairs, I began to hear sobbing. I shook my head in disappointment "this should be fun" I said to myself. I reached the third floor an I made my way down the hallway the sobbing sounded like it was coming from the laundry room. Maybe the poor girl didn't want to wake her roommates I thought to…show more content…
I stepped forward, "miss? Are you okay?" I whispered, I turned the light on I saw a young girl sitting on the floor facing the wall leaning on the washer machine. I ask again "miss are you alright" I put some strain on it so she may hear me pass the sobbing. I still waited for a response but still got nothing, it was late i was tired and getting impatient I got closer to her "hey lady are you alright ?! I think you should call it a night" I yelled as I walked closer. Just I did the girl sprung up quickly she looked sick dark eyes greasy hair she didn't look happy like I ruined her crying game. Before I could open my mouth she let out a ear shattering scream and it just kept climbing in pitch, I get closer to shut her up but the noise was too much I collapsed and the last thing I was was the sickly girl with her menacing face stairng straight at me. All of the sudden I woke up in the office where I watched the cameras, I would wrote it off as a bad dream from eating take out, but I felt different I felt cold. I didn't sleep for the rest of my watch. A week later. I got news from Mei. She told me that there were complications with the baby, she had a miscarriage. I couldn't help that the Young girl in my night terror and the miscarriage could be linked I'm back stateside now and the experience has left a major impression on me. -Gigs Ps - I have a nack for running into these strange events
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