Narrative Essay On Time Traveler

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The Time Traveler

Once on a Monday morning, Sizar was walking down the street to meet his cousin so they could go eat.Out of nowhere, a weird machine came out of thin air and said,“Come with me if you want to live.” . Sizar ran as fast as he could around the machine, but right as he passed it the whole world started to blow up because of an all out nuclear war that started in America. Sizar was shocked as the mushroom explosion started raging with anger as it destroy everything in it 's path [personification]. Sizar turned around and ran into the machine. A few second later, Sizar saw the machine doors open and he was in 1983 or at least it’s what it said on the machine’s calendar.

Sizar didn’t know what was going on until a voice came out of nowhere to tell him that he is the new time traveler. It went a little something like this, “Hello Sir, I am Ordis a AI designed to serve your every need”(Ordis is a talking computer). Sizar just stood there for a couple seconds. Then said WOOHOO I 'm going to be richer than Bill Gates! Sizar was as happy as a dog getting a treat [simile]. I 'm going to buy the PayPal [Alliteration] company. Ordis gave Sizar a book called The Rules of Time Travel. The book states that whoever is the time traveler
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Sizar suggested to Ordis that they should go and get ice cream before the explosion happened and everyone dies.Ordis with a grin smile said ok and gave Sizar one of those cameras that print out the picture right as it 's taken. Sizar got off the machine as it disappeared. Ordis explained how its still there but it 's just invisible to the naked eye. Sizar said ok then walked around the corner to the ice cream shop. He asked for 5 scoops of vanilla, then gave the man money. He stopped for a second and started thinking about all the people he is killing by not stopping the explosion. He took a picture of the ice cream and gave the print to Ordis. When Ordis “eats” he is completely vulnerable, so Sizar thought of a plan very
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