Narrative Essay On Titanic

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Almost here As I was in my bed in the morning on September 23, 1911, I writing in my journal (as always) waiting for the mail to come in. In Ireland many things go around very fast and one of those things was the Titanic. It mostly went around in Ireland because that is where the ship would be leaving from. I was just too excited and could not wait to be on… the Titanic! I 've been waiting ever since the Titanic was being built which was in 1998 as I was a young, 18 year old. There was a book written in 1889 called, The Wreck of the Titan. This made me nervous to go on the Titanic in the first place because the ships had almost the exact same name. I 'm a wealthy woman, although not wealthy enough to go join first class neither was I too poor for the third class. So I decided to go explore the second class, right in the middle of the two. There was still three months and about eight days away until I was gone off to New York. Already? Three months had passed, it was already 1912. Already in Southampton, I was packing my bags until the next four months. I packed many, many clothes, shoes, socks, hats, and other things that I would need. Also, I brought a camera to take pictures while on the Titanic and some pictures of my parents who lived in Paris. They did not want to go on the ship and didn 't want me to either. But they did tell me that I could make my own choices because I was 32. I had no children or a husband and I didn 't have anyone else that would join me with
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