Tom Walker Monologue Essay

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When I met Tom, I found in him great visions and ambitions that we both shared, I felt relief due to the fact that I did not have to live this life alone in the empty swamp, where only misery, hatred, abandonment and wretchedness lived. Notwithstanding, it only took a short time being together to regret having married a man as miserable as Tom Walker. I endured his lies, cheating, his lack of attention and I resisted all his personal interests. Our days became bitter and fill of conflicts, but I did not leave, I did not send him away either, only for the reason that of all the people I have been, of all the names I have had, and of all the lives that I have lived, this is the first that I am accompanied. However, Tom’s ambitions, hatred and…show more content…
A few days later I saw Tom in the forest, he found my apron and could not hide his happiness, how unfortunate, he fell into his own trap. His price is not yet paid.
I exchanged a few words, and fulfilled my part of the deal, this is my game and I would entertain myself. Tom became rich and his obsession with wealth became as miserable and dirty as everything in his life. Tom cultivated in me the most evil feelings, reinforced them without knowing that I was who own his life. Then, Tom repented, he tried to take the easy way, and thought that going to church would help to undo all the evil acts he had done, now that his life on Earth was assured, he cared about the next one very late, his soul already belongs to me, it is the end of the game, all of his lies, and offenses are not covered by a holy book, the day came, just as all he took from others, I took what was mine and left nothing but agony and silence, the most intense and burning pain I gave to him. I took his soul from his body, and my darkness slowly distanced him from his
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