Narrative Essay On Trade School

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My highchool was small, with a trade school that you could go to part time or full time. The school diddnt have many teachers, and likewise many classes, so you were given a choice when you were a freshman/softmore to go to the trade school or “normal” classes. Trade school took up three classes before we came back for the remaining four and our elective. When you went to the school you got a schedule of whatever trade you wanted, your four core classes, and a choice of Home ec, Agriculture, or leaving to work a job, there were no extra or “better” classes. This split the school between the “delinquents” and the “will be”. I took three years of engineering (one of the two “smart” classes), so I was part of the “delinquent” class. I was the only one with a “good” future in that class and the teachers pitied me.
When I read/watched this article it struck a chord in me and I really saw what me highschool was. The “delienquents” were talked down to and punished while the “will be” were praised and helped. “Smart” classes were held in the morning while trade schoolers were away and ended when they came back. The two groups of people were kept on almost entirely different schedules, which meant the one class we had together only helped accentuate our so-called differences. Teachers thought my classmates were bullying me to get higher scores, they got
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The “will be” had stable houses, money, a stable income, and were told how successfull their futures would be. The “delinquents” had part-time jobs to pay for where they lived,(I’ve seen seven to ten share the rent of a cheap mobile home), and were told how stupid they were. I noticed something when I attened the parties that they threw. During the “Fountain project” they did less drugs to save money for the fountain, and they attended school more so they could work on the fountain. It was the end of the year when it got taken over and you could see the
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