Transfer Student Narrative Essay

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Narrative 1 – Autobiography As an incoming transfer student, my goal is to push my creativity, connectivity, and social skills to stimulate my personality and education skills. My intended major is Biomedical Sciences, and this is my first semester at St. Cloud State University since I came in as a transfer student. Since I have enrolled here as a full time student, it is my intention to finish out the rest of my degree here, as this is now my primary campus. St. Cloud State University is the perfect university for me since it is home to an advanced Biomedical Sciences Program, and houses many hands-on lab experiences. By the time of my undergraduate graduation, I aim to know how chemistry and biology fuse together to create the human body…show more content…
I am striving to push myself beyond my limits and to do more than just the minimum for an ‘A’ and to learn as much as I possibly can. My personal goals for my time spent at St. Cloud State University is to balance my commitments so I am present and excelling in all aspects I include myself in. I do not want to spend too much time at home cleaning and cooking or spend too much time with my husband, when I should be doing school work. Another personal goal of mine is to keep my body fit and healthy so I am confident. My social goal is to spend at least one month out of the year getting to know someone new. In addition. I would like to spend more of my social life off of media and more on interpersonal communication face-to-face. Overall, I would like to balance my social, academic, and personal lives so I do not lose touch with any of them. Overall, I am a person who is eager to learn something new and meet new people. My goal in life is to be content and happy in whatever circumstance. I am here to encourage perseverance and to believe in myself for a change. As I journey through different courses here at St. Cloud State University, I aim to keep the values I have set
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