Narrative Essay On Tryouts In College

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The journey to varsity tryouts started when I was in 8th grade. There was a camp, right after school, where the best basketball players in my class who were going to Canton, were invited to try and make the summer league team. When I got to the gym before I could even put my shoes on, the head coach of the varsity team came up to me and said, “Noah I want you to come to the center court and practice with the varsity players today”. I couldn’t believe it. I quickly laced my shoes and ran onto the JV court and started practicing my shooting. After 30 seconds, the coach yelled my name and told me to go to the varsity court. Nervously, I ran to the center court, where one of the best players to ever play at Canton, introduced himself and explained the drill to me. This was like a dream come true. After the practice ended, the coach gave me the schedule for the varsity summer league schedule. This was quite a shock because I was just a freshman. I played the rest of…show more content…
I added small improvements to my game like three point shooting, and additional conditioning so I would not get tired late in games. By the time basketball season rolled around, I was ready for tryouts. The coach had me tryout with both the freshman and the varsity team on the first day. This made the first day the hardest day since, for the most part, all we did was run sprints. Once I got past the first day, however, the next two days were fairly easy, I was able to run sprints without losing all my energy before getting to the scrimmages. After the third day of tryouts each person was called into the team room, and told whether they made the team or not. Not knowing what to expect all I could do was pray and anxiously wait for my name to be called. Of course, I was the very last person to be called in to meet with the
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