Narrative Essay On Weightlifting

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As a student, I always find myself stressed about things like homework, tests, due dates, grades, rent, and all other sorts of college-related problems. When I start to feel overwhelmed by all of the noise of being a young college student, I turn to the one thing that gives me the greatest sense of purpose and inner piece; weightlifting. For me, a weightlifting session is a form of meditation, a time when I can be by myself and truly find inner peace. There is no better feeling to me when I enter a gym with a planned and detailed workout in mind. The feeling of anticipation and readiness to vent out my stress gives me the motivation to hit a workout hard. During a weightlifting session I put on my headphones and block out all the noise of…show more content…
As contained in the guidelines of the assignment I must participate in the activity for 30 minutes and record my results. For this, I decided to go through a chest workout which is my favorite weight training workout. Like any other workout, I take about 10-15 minutes to properly warm up by doing what 's called a dynamic warm-up. A dynamic warm-up gets me focused on what 's to come and it also helps mitigate the risk of injury while lifting. Before this workout, I was very stressed about all of the studying I have to do before the term is over. When I started I went straight to the bench press and put on a warm-up weight of 135 lbs and did 15 repetitions to properly warm up the muscles that were going to be used during the lift. While lifting I play a playlist that I created with music that gets me motivated and focused to help me push through when the workout gets hard. Finally, after warming up and selecting my custom weights playlist, I was ready to fully immerse myself in the activity that gives me inner peace. During the first couple of sets of bench press, I found myself slowly start to worry less about all the school work I had ahead of me and started to feel the satisfaction and excitement of repping out 225 lbs. When I felt as I couldn 't do any more reps, I would do one more and it gave me a rush of excitement which as stated in the article is most likely due to the release of
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